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Impact Arts, Inc. aims to build a new state-of-the-art cultural arts center with the space and equipment necessary to teach and perform a wide variety of the arts.

The performing arts center will serve as a location for professional and nonprofessional performances with two dedicated performance spaces: a traditional theatre (with seating for approximately 500-800 patrons) and a black box theatre (with seating for approximately 150 patrons), both including professional sound and lighting equipment. These theatres will be available for public, private, school, and governmental organizations to use for the furtherance of the arts. They will be able to serve a wide variety of performances including dance, theatre, music, stand-up comedy, etc.

Examples include:

  • Community theatre productions

  • Local dance and music recitals

  • Local and surrounding school district performances

  • Performance series showcasing touring and local performers (musicians, bands, poets, etc.)

  • Family concert series

  • Visual arts exhibitions

  • Visiting artist lecture series

  • Young artist’s gallery

  • Community open-mic nights

  • Warrensburg Community Band

  • Warrensburg Community Chorus

  • Warrensburg Children's Chorus

  • Professional theatre and dance companies



In addition to housing two theatres, the performing arts center will also comprise numerous varied multi-purpose rooms which will be available for a wide range of uses. These uses vary from education to small performances, but are all geared towards the furtherance of Impact Arts’ charitable and educational mission.

Examples include:

  • Dance instruction – youth and adult

  • Music instruction – youth and adult

  • Visual and graphic arts education

  • Theatre education – performance and technical

  • Senior wellness, dance, and movement classes

  • Community service club meetings

  • Book clubs and book signings

  • Poetry readings

  • Business meetings/conference facility

  • Music/arts/dance therapy

  • Partnership with local recreational center activities

The current project, a 44,000 square foot facility, has a projected cost of $24M, which is all inclusive to locate and build the project. Financing of construction costs is forecast as follows: $9M will be raised through community, corporate, and foundation sources. The balance of $15M will be provided by a major foundation that specializes in building Arts Centers nationwide. State and Federal government grants are also available to provide funding, if needed.


Once construction is complete, operating costs for the facility are estimated at $160,000 annually, which is near the regional average of $165,000 for comparable facilities. The Board of Impact Arts has also committed to funding a depreciation amount to provide for repair/replacement of the facility. The revenue needed annually to fund these two amounts will come from rental fees to the arts academies as well as usage and rental fees from businesses, schools, and community groups. A Memorandum of Understanding is in place with Center Stage Academy to provide for their rental of education space as well as their administration of the performing arts venue.




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The Board of Impact Arts is committed to building a facility that is as eco-friendly as possible within the cost constraints of the project. Design features such as solar energy, rainwater collection for use as gray water in the facility, and natural/native landscaping will reduce the carbon footprint of the project.

Project Finances
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