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Impact Arts, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation 501(c)(3) created to stimulate community involvement, awareness and support of the visual and performing arts in the Greater Warrensburg, Missouri area.

Representatives of Impact Arts, Inc. are pursuing a long-term solution to the current lack of a community arts facility that provides a communal space within which people can perform, exhibit, share and grow, both together and as individuals. 

In order to create an enduring footprint for the advancement of the arts, Impact Arts, Inc. seeks to build a new state-of-the-art cultural arts center with the space and equipment necessary to teach and perform a wide variety of the arts. We are ready to transform this vision into a reality for the Greater Warrensburg Area and, as a not-for-profit entity, the support of the community, both through advocacy and financial donations is crucial. Please consider joining us as we write this next exciting chapter in our community’s story together!


Impact Arts, Inc. will partner with community arts organizations by providing space for educational programming for the performing and visual arts. The anchor tenant will be Center Stage Academy of the Performing Arts, a local academy that has a 20-year history of excellence in dance, theatre, music, and vocal education. They bring their 500+ students and talented staff to our project. Other local groups will have space in our new facility to pursue education in the visual arts to include painting, sculpture, photography, and design. Following the construction of the facility, Impact Arts will derive its operating revenue from rental of these educational spaces, user fees for schools, businesses, and groups to take advantage of the state-of-the-art facility, and ticket sales for performances hosted in the venue. Click here to learn more about Project Finances.


Board of Directors

Jim Gaines, Board President

Phil Shreves, Treasurer

Patricia Smith, Secretary

Mark Curtis, member

Jonna Albert, member



February 15, 2023 | 5:30 pm 

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